Fun Data Facts About Baby’s 1st Year of Eating Solids, Drinking Breast Milk & Formula, and Diapers

As a final post to this A Baby Feeding Journey over 14 Months (a 12 Part Series), we are going to have a little fun and talk about some interesting and wacky data-related facts about our baby in her first 14 months. Before continuing, we encourage you to check out all (or some that particularly interest you) of the posts in our 12-part baby-in-data series:

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So, what are the Top 10 of my favorite and fun stats about our baby’s first year-plus in data (in no particular order) that we didn’t cover in depth above in any of our previous posts?


  1. We changed almost 2,400 diapers (~2,358) in the first 14 months of our baby’s life. Looking at Target’s per diaper cost of around $0.15 (USD) in 2022, which is the brand we used the most, it equates to about $360 USD, or almost $1 per day.

  2. We fed baby 2,406 times in her first 14 months, or about 5.6x per day, or a feed almost every 4 hours for 427 days. Add the ~2,400 diapers also being ~4 hours for 14 months, and you can see how tiring and repetitive life can be for new parents.

  3. Our baby pooped 662 times in 14 months, which is about 1.6x per day. Approximately 50 of these poop diapers were blowouts, or 8% of poops were blowouts, or 2% of total diapers changed.

  4. Once baby was eating three solid meals per day from about month 11 onward, she pooped every 1.5 meals. Then, after she started having the extra solid snack/meal by month 13, she pooped approximately every 2 solid meals.

  5. The average expressed breast milk bottle feed was 159 mls (5.4 oz) vs. the average formula bottle feed at 85 mls (2.9 oz). She drank 1,792 expressed breast milk bottles vs. 490 formula bottles. So 59% of lifetime feeds included a breast milk bottle vs. only 20% of lifetime feeds included a formula bottle.

  6. Our baby spent 10,590 minutes or 176.5 hours (that’s over one full week!) on the breast. She spent 5,846 minutes, or ~97 hours, on the left boob, and 4,744 minutes, or ~79 hours, on the right boob. Baby had 495x feeds on the left boob and 394x feeds on the right boob, but averaged 12 minutes per feed (or likely mostly comfort nursing in her case) on each breast. Initially, baby preferred the right boob, but after a couple of months (and likely after some clogged milk ducts on the right breast that mom experienced), she switched her preference to the left boob, which remained consistent until the end (the left boob eventually tended to express more milk, as well).

  7. Mom pumped over 225 liters, or over 7,608 oz of breast milk during this 14-month period, across about 1,650 total pumping sessions. This averaged to almost 4 pumps per day across 427 days, of about an hour per session, for a total of 1,650 hours of pumping, or about 69 full days of pumping.

  8. Between the 7+ days of baby on the boob and 69 days of pumping milk, mom was attached to something on her nipples for ~76 days or 2.5 total months.

  9. Baby had 634 solid feeds, starting late in month 6, which also included 313 different foods and ingredients. This made up about 26% of lifetime feeds during this 14-month period. About 65% of her lifetime poops were during the solids feeding era.

  10. Our baby had 84 mls (2.8 oz) of Vitamin D supplements, 350 mls (11.8 oz) of prune juice as a supplement (in early days to help constipation and aid in pooping), and had infant Tylenol/paracetamol about 68x in first 14 months, as a total of approximately 170 mls (5.8 oz).

Thank you so much for joining us on our baby-in-data series! We would love to know what you think and also would love to see your own data analysis of your baby’s journeys!