Apple iOS v Android – What Apps Do People Want To Create?

As VP, Marketing at Kleverbeast, I get to speak and interact with thousands of mobile app creators all over the world. Some of the creativity that we see, strongly speaks to the fact that whether in Italy, Japan or the US, so many people have great ideas for apps to grow or create a new business or to share their passions.

To that end we have also learned a few things about the new world of self mobile app creation in terms of;

– What type of apps people want to create?

– What devices do they value most highly?

Here are some of the highlights from our insights that we thought we would share and this may help influence you in your App creation journey. If you are someone who work in Marketing or IT or are a Small Business owner or budding Entrepreneur this might help guide where you need to focus your efforts given your line of business and the makeup of your customers and fans.

Chart 1: What type of App Do App Creators Want to Make

Most App creators want to make something for the entertainment vertical which in other studies tend to also be the highest engagement, most downloaded and greatest profitability across all verticals, particularly in gaming.








Chart 2: What Device do App Creators Want First

Apple still is the first device of choice with two-thirds of people wanting to create apps for iOS on iPad, iPhone and by extension iPod Touch before they get to Android Smartphone and Tablets. Other studies show that iOS users tend to be higher socioeconomic, spend more time browsing on mobile and are more inclined to shop and spend money on apps than Android users.