Customer Trends & Insights Driving Marketing in 2020

These insights are unique and crucial for brands as it looks at some of the key customer behavioral changes through 2020 and how that impacts Marketing strategy and programs. It takes key insights from the Salesforce Consumer & Workforce series which has taken a pulse of customers every 2 week from May 2020, as well as a deeper dive from a marketing POV in July, and combines it with key insights from State of Marketing.

Key Insights: [US EDITION] – see MediaPost Webinar

  • Changing Customer Behaviors: Looks at customer spend changes in 2020 vs. 2019 across key categories and how that maps to Marketer priorities 
    (eg. 17% of Millennial age customers say they will spend a lot more on Financial Services in 2020 vs. 2019, compared to 0% of Boomer/Silent generation age customers)
  • What’s Breaking Through?: Looks at the channels in 2020 that have caught customer’s attention and how that has changed from 2019, along with what they want to see in brand marketing
    (eg. 59% of customers say cadence of brand should be reduced)
  • Adapting Your Marketing: What types of content and programs do customers prefer in 2020 and how marketers can use Data & AI to power that 
    (69% of Millennial age customers say they are same or more interested in blog content in 2020 vs. 2019, compared to only 32% of Boomer/Silent generation age customers)

Blog Insights: Upskill Talent for the Strategy You Need 

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