Build an Elite Social Advertising Practice at Your Agency

Building an elite digital agency practice is extremely difficult. Not to mention trying to adapt to the new channels and ongoing evolution in current channels that innovative brand clients want to take advantage of to maximize performance.

At Social.com we take a unique approach to this challenge helping to empower leading agencies around the world. This allows them to continue to service their customer base on new channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn while simultaneously building an elite discipline and team to service all their current and new clients at scale in the future.

We work with some of the largest agencies in the world and have global relationships with both Omnicom and WPP. These major agency holding companies and their various agency brands like Resolution Media and the GroupM agencies who represent clients like McDonald’s, HP, Intel, Unilever, Kimberly Clark, and Nike. One of our unique value propositions with various agencies and their global outposts is┬áto help them build an elite social advertising practice and teams while being able to support current advertising efforts needed by their clients.

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