IAB Annual Report Summarized In One Word: “Mobile”

The IAB released their US advertising report for 2013 last week and while there was nothing completely unexpected, there were a few trends and inflection points worth paying particular attention too.

  • Internet annual ad spend surpasses Broadcast TV for the first time ever
  • Total YoY revenue up 17% & 4th Quarter YoY revenue up 14%
  • Since 2010 Mobile Revenue Growth is at 123% vs. Rest of Advertising at 12%
  • Mobile ad spend surpassed Display ad spend in Q4 2013
  • Mobile total 2013 market share is up from 9% to 17% of digital
  • Mobile app engagement vs. Mobile web up to 86% (was 80% and 72% in the past 2 years)
  • Digital video is now the fourth largest format behind Search, Display, and Mobile, but remains ahead of sectors like Affiliate

If you take into consideration a few other recent milestones like Facebook’s mobile revenue exceeding desktop revenue in Q4 2013, mobile-only users surpassing 50% in January 2014, and Twitter mobile users reaching 75%, it may further explain the impetus behind those trends.

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